Effective Diversification

We recognize that one of your biggest challenges as a financial investor is to diversify effectively. And if the recent global financial crisis has taught us anything then it is how interconnected financial assets are. Our aim is to help you invest in assets with cyclical patterns different to financial assets. That way you can benefit from allocating part of the funds towards transportation assets (effectively transportation capacity with its own cyclical pattern).

If you are looking to invest and want effective diversification, then we can offer aircraft investments that are:

  • Limited in correlation to the stock market.
  • Focused on providing cash on cash returns.
  • Natural inflation hedge.
  • Tax efficient.
  • Managed by experienced and professional managers.

Tailored Financing Solutions

Investing in debt intensive assets like aircraft requires tailored financing solutions that enable you to optimize your investment. Luckily we have decades of experience structuring financing based upon each investors criteria. We address key questions such as:

  • Is the objective to lay off risk?
  • Is your goal to  lever the investment at the lowest possible cost?
  • Are you aiming to minimize the cash equity investment?

More info

If  you would like to know more or think you would benefit from a talk with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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